About us

We are an engineering company founded in 2013. We are system integrators and providers of Smart Manufacturing and digital transformation solutions, specialized in OT infrastructure, cybersecurity and data ops.

We develop projects for the digital transformation of our clients, integrating the different levels of the organization, with the IIoT infrastructure. We provide solutions from field needs to predictive analysis integrating Maching learning, AI and Smart Data.

Our Mission Empowering Colombian enterprises to evolve into global-scale organizations, leveraging technology and information.

We not only do it, 
we do it well
Our Goals:

​Foster innovation, drive economic growth, and promote excellence in the Colombian business ecosystem.
Contribute to the growth and improvement of the quality of life for our employees and stakeholders.

Bridge the gap between academia and industry, impacting the quality of the country's graduates.


Consulting and specialized training and assessment in digital transformation and smart manufacturing.
Planning and management of industrial projects with agile aproach. 
Diagnosis of current conditions of the processes and establishment of requirements and bidding documents.

Instrumentation and Electrical Assemblies

Design control and automation system.
Detailed engineering.
Development of applications for programmable industrial controllers (PLC, PAC, etc), HMI and SCADA.
Implementation, integration and commissioning of industrial systems.

Control, supervision and MES systems

Design control and automation system.
Detail engineering.
Development of applications for programmable industrial controllers (PLC, PAC, etc), HMIN SCADA stations, and MES aplication.
Implementation, integration and commissioning of industrial systems.


We architect Industry 4.0 Solutions 
Development of integrated systems for real-time monitoring and continuous improvement of KPI's such as OEE.
Our expertise extends to digital transformation initiatives, seamlessly weaving various organizational tiers through UnifiedNameSpace (UNS). Our solutions span from on-ground requisites to foresightful analysis, weaving in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Data.
Seamless fusion of industrial networks:
Horizontally: Profibus, EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, DeviceNet.
Vertically: Bridging IT and OT realms. Orchestrating MES and ERP systems.
IIoT Excellence: Powered by MQTT."
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How to start?

We help our clients turn their plant vision into a reality, we design and build solutions that stand the test of time.

The best starting point is a DTMA, which stands for Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment; it includes current state, future state, basic architecture, risks, and initial steps (First Sprint). It encompasses evaluation, consulting, Roadmap, and maturity scoring. Key Deliverables: Digital Strategy, Minimum Technical Requirements, Recommended Architecture, and Technology. 

We start with a diagnosis and design process, to later carry out detailed system engineering, comprehensively supporting our clients with an unconditional service.

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